2006. Pastels.

Maximum size 600 x 403
Prints negotiable

Luna Rogue

November 27, 2004. From the MUDD "Feudal Realms." Pastels with Photoshop CS2 to perform an inversion and hue rotation.

Maximum size 673 x 892
Prints negotiable

Tree of Life

An illustration of the word "change" designated by the Tree of Life. The Japanese characters emphasize the key points.

Painted on a 35" X 42" piece of oak plywood.
Prints negotiable


May 31, 2004. Watercolor painting of the small path on Buzzard's Island on Rehoboth Bay in Lewes, Delaware.

Maximum size 594 x 396
Prints negotiable


August 30, 2006. Colored pencil of an original character design. Farceur is copyright Sorcha Crafts.

Maximum size 900 x 754
Prints negotiable

Furi Kuri

February 25, 2006. This is a fanart, all characters are copyright FLCL.

Maximum size 900 x 754
Prints negotiable

Concerned Koi

January 4, 2006. Photoshop CS2.

Maximum size 982 x 748
Prints negotiable

Air Castle

March 6, 2006. Watercolor, tempura paint, charcole, Photoshop CS2 to invert and perform a hue rotation.

Maximum size 763 x 648
Prints negotiable

Seven Sins

November 3, 2006. The Seven Deadly Sins emulated within the number seven. Pastels and Photoshop CS2.

Maximum size 447 x 600
Prints negotiable

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