Mix & Match

Mix & Match earrings

Just what the title says. Pick a combination of colors or take all four for some variety!

$6.00 pair (Specify colors)


Dare to be Different earrings

A clay blue star and a pink heart charm as a pair.

$6.00 pair

Marble (red)

Reb marble earrings

Red marble patterned tubular beads.


Marble (purple)

Marble (purple) earrings

Purple marble patterned tubular beads.


Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells earrings

Perfect for the holidays or just for fun.

$8.00 pair

Chain Link

Chain Link earrings

A series of gold colored disks attached to a strand of handmade chain link.

$10.00 pair


Ancient earrings

Hexagonal gold colored beads strung on suede.

$6.00 pair


Relief earrings

Faux stressed silver beads on black seude.


Green Jingle

Green Jingle Bells earrings

With green wooden beads these are perfect for the holidays or just for fun.

$6.00 pair


Vintage hoops with a garden design.


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