Lilac Bracelet

A beautiful three-stranded necklace made from handmade ceramic beads and faux silver latches with circular designs on a clear elastic cord.


Pukka Swirls

Pukka bracelet

A three-stranded necklace of salmon and white colored pukka shells with silver accents and designed clasps on a clear elastic cord.


Mixed Cultures

Mixed Cultures bracelet

The ceramic beads are handmade imported from Greece, and strung on a leather cord with faux distressed silver toggles and faux ancient Chinese coins as spacers.


Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang bracelet

A double stranded bracelet made of alternating ceramic dark blue beads and black Yin and Yang beads, strung on a clear elastic cord.



Ankh bracelet

Black and white ceramic beads with the Egyptian Ankh (symbol of eternal life) strung on a clear elastic cord.



Rainbow bracelet

A fun bracelet made from multicolored glass beads strung on large safety pins connected by a metallic elastic cord. The bracelet has a clasp and chain for wearing.


Big Red

Big Red bracelet

Silver elastic cord with large red wooden beads.


Cat's eye

Cat's eye bracelet

Translucent plastic beads on an elastic cord.



This simple piece can be worn as an anklet or bracelet-- it is accented with several semiprecious stones.



This bracelet reminds me of the perfect beach accessory and can also be worn as an anklet-- the cord is clear plastic and the beads are simple white, off-white, and black plastic beads.


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